Champagne Tour


Fine Wine Journeys invites you to discover both the wine and the region as an insider. Our custom Champagne tours will take you to world-famous houses, independent and boutique Champagne makers to truly understand  production on small and large scale. The region holds many secrets and a deep history that includes Emperor Charlemagne, Dom Perignon, Roman,  artists like Monet, Chagal and even both world wars.

We create a custom travel experience that will focus on your interests, but also give you a complete glimpse into a wine region and its producers incorporating many aspects such as prestigious top wine estates, biodynamic and organic producers, small boutique wineries and more. Enjoy VIP tours with our expert guides that introduce you to the region as an insider.




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Pickup from your hotel in Paris or hotel Reims, Epernay or surrounding area.  Your day will take you on a discovery to learn about how champagne is produced from vine to bottle and the important standards that need to be met for this bubble beverage to be  labeled as champagne.

Today, visits & tastings can take you to both large and small producers to give you a good idea of the production and varity of producers in Champagne. The day is tailored for your interests if you have any requests. There will also be time for a lunch stop and we can make arrangements at a local restaurant. 

Following lunch you will have a final visit with a third Champagne producer or if you prefer a stop to visit the grand cathedral Notre Dame in Reims. This 13th century Gothic church was used to crown the Kings of France and has windows by Marc Chagall. Depart from Paris or return to your hotel in Champagne.