Emilia Romagna Food Capital of Italy


Main Grape Varieties

  • Trebbiano di Romagna
  • Albana di Romagna
  • Sangiovese di Romagna
  • Lambrusco

Emilia Romagna region is Italy’s food capital. And the home of some of the most recognised dishes and locally produced products exported to all corners of the globe. Regarded as one of the jewels in the crown of Italian gastronomy.


This region has given the world some of the best-known products in the old and new worlds alike from these three towns Bologna which is home to the world’s first University so making it also the oldest.Modena & Parma. Each of these towns has a very special part to play in Italy as they are known all over the world because they produce three of the most iconic  Italian food staples


Bolognaise Ragout From Bologna, Balsamic Vinegar from Modena and fro Parma its Cured Hams. It’s also home to two of the world’s most famous sports cars Ferrari and Lamborgini which like all things Italian are symbols of style and beauty.


The region is also known for its wines to go with all of the fabulous food of the region but unlike other regions, Emilia is for fizzy wines and Romagna for still wines. Most of the finer reds of the area are made with Sangiovese. And the dry whites from Trebbiano

Then, of course, a well known sweet sparkling red Lambrusco.


  • University of Bologna (Oldest University in the World)
  • Civic Archaeological Museum (History of Mortadella dating back to the Roman era)
  • Fico Eataly World Worlds Largest Agri-Food Park 
  • The Market Delle Erbe 
  • Mercato di Mezzo
  • Mercato Della Terra
  • The Quadrilatero open-air Market
  • Dinner Cooking Class
  • Pasta Making class
  • Bologna most famous Wine Bar
  • Bologna most famous Delicatessen
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Suggested Itineraries 4 nights

Itineraries are handcrafted with extra care to create the right mix of food, wine, and culture for a memorable and unique experience. Here are some ideas and a sample itinerary.  Contact us to get started.

Day 1

A private walking tour with your local guide where you will discover the history and food of Bologna


The day starts with a light breakfast with a coffee gourmet made by the best “barista” of Bologna! Relax and discover why Italy is so famous for coffee. 

 Continue exploring the Old Markets of Quadrilatero and Mercato Delle Erbe, which are in the culinary heart of the city. Where the local’s shop. We will also visit a traditional fresh pasta Maker to learn about tortellini, tortelloni and tagliatelle

Lunch today is in one of Bolognas oldest osteria and one of the oldest in Italy Here you will taste famous Bolognese ragù, delicious local cold cuts, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, bread and Balsamic Vinegar Tradizionale of Modena. Sit back and take in the ambiance of this old town, relax with a glass of Pignoletto one of the local wines.

Then to finish the day with a local Gelato.

Tonight you are free to explore more of Bologna secrets.

Day 2

Gourmet tour Parmigiano, Culatello and Balsamic Vinegar 


 This morning you have an early start so you can reach Polesine Parmense and immerse yourselves in everything that is to produce this Iconic cheese. You will learn the whole process that it takes from the cow’s milk to the plate.

You will taste variously aged Parmigiano cheeses during the tour

Next, you will be welcomed to another old tradition dating back to the XII century where the “king of the cold cuts” Culatello di Zibello has been made and matured for hundreds of years… People like Prince Charles of England and Prince Alberto of Monaco have discovered this hidden secret. For today’s lunch you will get to sample all the various Charcuterie produced here on the farm, Including cheeses, And salads from the vegetable garden, focaccia bread, dessert, all served with local wine.   

 On our return to Bologna, we will take a small detour to a producer of Balsamic Vinegar, where you will learn about the Production technique used create an authentic DOP Balsamic vinegar, Know to the locals as the black gold! 

Day 3

Emilia Romagna is Know for its sparkling wine Lambrusco but they are now making still wines. So today you will discover these wine visiting three different producers who all produce still wines.  There is now Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay planted. But it is Lambrusco that is purple and slightly sweet but goes really well with the local cuisine. But the top Lambrusco’s are dry and savoury.

Day 4

Day trip Ferrari Museums in Modena and Maranello with a test drive 


An exciting experience for those who love motors and racing cars!  

 The visit to the Ferrari Museum tells the Ferrari story by delving deep into the Prancing Horse’s extraordinary roots and taking visitors on a magnificent journey via its most famous and successful F1 cars, legendary sports prototypes and GTs, and, of course, the road cars that have set the benchmark for the entire car industry.   

 The day starts with the visit to the amazing brand new museum dedicated to Enzo Ferrari in Modena, just fascinating. 

  This afternoon you will visit a traditional “Acetaia” (balsamic vinegar loft)and taste the amazing  “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena” is produced. Lunch is included in this visit.